Inktober: 10/1 to 10/7

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In another lifetime, I attended Edward R. Murrow High School as a Fine Arts student. I stuck to traditional arts like pencil, charcoal, and pastels. Once my third year of high school rolled around, my teachers began playing favorites, and one even called me a “mutt” because of my mixed Hispanic background.  My struggle with the plastic arts and mixed media, coupled with the thought I wasn’t getting any better at illustration, prompted me to drop the program. Other than taking a couple college courses, I haven’t been interested in drawing to the same degree.

My friend, Tom, on the other hand, has been drawing consistently since I first met him at Purchase College. Last year we participated in Inktober, but chose to split the days so that one of us gets evens, and the other gets odds. Each day is a different theme, so we draw different things.

I’ve been drawing Fate characters for the most part, the exception being Bowsette. Above are the first four drawings I’ve done based on the themes of “poison,” “roasted,” “weak,” and “exhausted.” After this month I’ll get back to writing, I promise.

Speaking of writing, my first short story was published in FIYAH Literary Magazine last Monday. Go check it out.