New Year, New Tech


I finally bought that damn Mac mini. Well, I probably never told you that I had my eye on the Mac mini for some months before Apple made the announcement of a 2018 model. I like my hardware small, portable, and able to make use of peripherals I already own. The Mac mini checks all those boxes off for me, and now that I have a decent salary, I chose to make a decent investment with it.

I have a weird history with technology, especially laptops and computers. When doing my Bachelors, my uncle gifted me with an Acer notebook that lasted all four years college, and then the first half-year of grad school. By then, I realized I needed an upgrade. I bought myself a 64GB Surface, which was super cool and lightweight, but so limited in its capabilities, and only ran a handful of apps from the Windows 8 store. Instead of learning my lesson, I bought the highest-end Surface Pro 3. I loved that the tablet ran desktop versions of applications, and I did many projects through Adobe programs–until Photoshop stopped working. There was a compatibility issue with the graphics, which couldn’t be separated from the CPU. After many frustrating chats with Adobe and Microsoft support, I sold the damn thing and got a Lenovo laptop for under $200 bucks just so I could have something to write stories on. That worked for a while, until it slowed down due to CPU and Disc issues that I never could fix.

For the past couple years, I’d come up with workarounds for not having a functioning laptop or desktop: use my smartphone. Back in 2014, when I first met my future wife, I used dinky Android flip phones I’d get from Boost Mobile. She forced (yes, forced) me to buy an iPhone 6, which changed my phone game forever. I could carry a computer in my pocket! I could check email, and use Microsoft Word, and conduct mobile banking from almost anywhere on Earth. My computer-less years went pretty smoothly thanks to that phone. But I couldn’t draw on my phone, and typing stories with my thumbs is painful after a while. I usually borrowed my wife’s Mac Book Pro if I wanted to get serious work done.

To make a long story short, it just so happened that I considered a Mac mini when Apple announced a new model. I’d acquired a Bluetooth keyboard not long ago, which I synched with my phone to type stories. I’m using that same keyboard to type this post. I already had a monitor in my room, which I used to play on my PS4. The Mac mini has 128GB of SSD, most of which I’ll never use thanks to cloud storage. It’s a dream come true for me, a person who hasn’t had a useful computer since 2013.

The moral of the story is this: while there are many workarounds for technical difficulties, don’t be cheap with tech if you can help it. If fancy laptops and gaming desktops aren’t in your price range, just get a nice phone. I’ve written most posts for this blog on my iPhone 7 Plus, and that’s pretty cool.