While I cool off from the novella I’m working on, I’ve started work on another project that’s been floating in the ether. My friend Tom and I have talked about making a mini comic-zine for some time. Because I’m utterly absurd, my contribution will be FELONIOUS, ROBO-CAT GUARDIAN!, about a robot created to end the tyranny of Shrodinger, the kaiju cat.


Influenced by Instagram artists NisegoMerryweather, and recent digital art trends in general, I’ve decided to illustrate this on my iPhone 7 Plus. I purchased a Bamboo Tip stylus to play with, despite my possession of a Wacom Intuos, because uploading to social media platforms is simpler when done on the phone. I live a relatively untethered lifestyle anyway, so the idea of a digital sketchpad in the palm of my hand is right up my alley. Innovation and expediting are the cornerstones of my creative process.

The original plan for FELONIOUS involved releasing it as a comic-zine along with Tom’s work, and perhaps the work of fellow artists willing to participate. If I enjoy the story enough, I can make regular comic illustrations on Instagram and similar platforms.

Wish me luck!