The Bog

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It’s been a while! Not so long a while that it seems I’ve given up blogging entirely, but long enough to suggest I’ve got a few things going on, or maybe too few things going on. Let’s see…

Best scene of best episode of Konosuba.

I haven’t spent too much time on creative pursuits lately. Work has been more stressful than not, and so I usually come home and watch anime to unwind. There were a couple good shows in the mix: Konosuba¬†is probably the funniest show I recall in recent memory. I also watched last season’s Quintissential Quintuplets,¬†and Domestic Girlfriend. The former is a good investment of time; the latter, not so much, although I did enjoy much of it.

Regarding artistic pursuits, I’ve waffled between my mini-comic, Felonious,¬†and a novella I drafted some months ago. When it comes to drawing, I tend to drag my feet and sketch the barest of images onto the page. It takes too much willpower for me to draw, unlike so many years ago when drawing was all I wanted to do. Fine art and illustration is where my heart is, but writing is where my soul is, know what I’m saying?

I’ve spent a lot of time going on day trips with my wife, or visiting friends and family. Last weekend, I went Purchase College’s alumni event and showed Sara around campus. It felt good to be back, to walk through buildings I vaguely recognized but remembered fondly. The library will always be my favorite hangout there, where I would often lose my mind and then find it again.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve coped with adulthood for the past few weeks. I’ll be pursuing my creative endeavors once again, if only because I’d like to get rich as soon as possible.