Creative Retreat

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For the second week in June, my friend Tom and I will be on a two-day hideout somewhere on Long Island. We’ll be in an AirBnB far away from anything I’m familiar with. There’s an observatory nearby, and if skies are clear those nights, we’ll be able to look through their telescope and into the heavens.

No, this isn’t where I’ll be staying. Photo by Heather Sunderland.

Life is tough, you know? Finding the time to write and create feels like absolute agony when returning from my regular 8AM to 4PM job. I come home and watch anime until dinner, then play Fate Grand Order on my phone or Smite on my PS4, and watch TV with my wife until I fall asleep. Those activities aren’t depressing, and they don’t make me unhappy. But for someone like me, they feel too mundane. The creative in me yearns to express himself.

That’s what this retreat is for. I don’t want to speak to the outside world, or worry about my Instagram account or WordPress site. Thinking about work will be punishable by death.

I dreamed a few weeks back about a married couple that owns a comics and games shop. They worked and lived next to an orange and blue house, just beneath an expressway. They were expecting a baby. I want to write a short story based on that.