Rolon and the Rolling Blackouts

My wife and I went down to NY this weekend to celebrate my 28th birthday with friends. I wanted to eat ramen as that’s become a favorite of mine, but soon after we were seated at Yama Ramen, the power went out. We waited for Tom, who accidentally went to another eatery, to meet us there. When we learned that much of midtown Manhattan had also blacked out, we went for the restaurant Tom had just left in the hopes of dining on ramen there. We arrived at Ippudo and made a reservation–and then the power went out! Upon realizing this blackout would only get bigger we chose to head for the subway tunnels, until Tom realized that we may get stuck underground if the railcars stopped running. My wife ordered a cab at this point, and the five of us chipped in for a ride back to Queens. We arrived at a restaurant my friend Noelle recommended. This place did not have ramen, so I ordered katsu instead. One pork dish later, we headed for my friend Leslie’s house and proceeded to drink until yelling and playing video games and swearing ourselves to sleep.

Happy birthday to me 🙂