Notable Mention

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I haven’t been on Twitter so much lately. It often feels like a place for people to air their grievances, and too much of that isn’t good for my mental well being. But once in a while I receive welcome news from there.


I logged on today to find I got notable mention for my novelette, “Saudade,” in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019 anthology. Saudade’s not in the book per se, but is in the “Other Notable Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories” section. Any publicity is good publicity 🙂

Seeing that others enjoy my work really is a dream come true. I haven’t written a New York Times bestselling novel, or a famous research paper, or an artistic manifesto. I’ve written one short story, and that got published thanks to the support of family and friends. It’s a humble beginning, but still, it’s a beginning.

P.S.: You can read “Saudade” in FIYAH Issue 8, and in the Year Two Bundle on their website. The principal difference is that the bundle allows you to read all of 2018’s stories, and I’m pretty sure I collect royalties from it 😀