On the Front Lines

As COVID-19 ravages the globe, many people saw a drop in productivity across all industries. While my real-life job was deemed essential, and I was therefore required to show up to work everyday, my creative career took some interesting turns.

Airplane assembly warehouse
No, I don’t work in an airplane assembly warehouse. It’s a metaphor.

My previous blog posts pertained to a visual novel I was developing with my college friends. That project has been paused for the time being, as one of us suffered a family loss due to the virus. We lost momentum. I also wasn’t feeling to great, worrying about whether someone at my job would contract COVID and spread it through the office. I got tested once because I learned someone in my residence was ill, and let me tell you: that was an unpleasant experience all on its own.

As I was obviously in the doldrums, my wife thought I should try submitting another fiction piece for publication. FIYAH, the publishers of my novelette, Saudade, was prepping for May submissions to its “Joy” issue. I wracked my brains trying to plan something, and eventually cranked out 10,000 words or so as a first draft. I honestly didn’t think I would finish by the end of May, but then FIYAH extended the deadline by another month, because it seemed I wasn’t the only one riddled with anxiety and creative paralysis. Thank god. I’m still working on that story, which I pray will be selected for publication.

FIYAH Magazine summer 2020 issue
Peek at the FIYAH summer 2020 cover.

I’m sure we can all use some words of encouragement. Having daily routines interrupted is always stressful, regardless of how “go with the flow” people are. As an INTJ, instability is among my top frustrations. Finding time to recharge can be elusive, but it’s not impossible; if I discover any secrets to that, I’ll let y’all know.