The Jack of All Trades

A professor once told me that having more work to do helps one to be more productive.

Personally, I’ve seen that play out time and time again in my own live. Being busy can be a good thing. You realize time is precious, and you plan for efficiency. Since the last post: I submitted another novelette to FIYAH literary magazine, began producing a video for my full-time employer (on top of my regular duties), and I’ll be editing a website for a separate nonprofit in the area.

It’s nice to do work that one is skilled in. When it comes to web design in particular, it’s something I’ve done for nearly ten years but rarely practiced in a paid capacity. It became a hobby for my own blogging, and it has utility. If I can get paid to do so, I think that’s beautiful. Learning coding languages isn’t super easy but I enjoy it, as a previous post of mine on Python elaborated.

Creatively, working on that novelette gave me a bit of burnout, so I’ve concentrated on this web design thing. I’ve also been trying to learn Spanish. Gotta keep my brain moving, you know? Hence the title of this post, The Jack of All Trades. I think of that phrase as a pejorative most of the time because job postings want specialists; a jack-of-all-trades usually refers to handymen. I really do wish there was an equivalent in the white-collar world. As far as I can tell, project management is the soundest path for someone who can quickly learn new skills–a lot of skills, to be precise–and implement them.

Curiously enough, a Google search for images related to this topic yields many military photos. Maybe I missed my calling…