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After finishing my short story for FIYAH Magazine, I admit that I’ve fallen into a slump. Writing’s a big investment of energy. I do it because I like to, and because I want to share my work. There’s no guarantee anyone will like what I’ve done. That’s depressing to think about, but its on my mind every time I’m typing, and it tempers some of what I write. For the next few projects I’ve been mulling through, I’m trying to ease the worries that come with writing by making outlines. Continue reading “Outlines: Why Bother?”

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One restless night, I logged into Netflix and began Fate/Extra Last Encore. I was so bemused by the show I thought I’d slept through important scenes, or assumed I’d dreamed up some of what I saw. Turns out I was awake: everyone dies in the first episode, which I thought I’d hallucinated, and in similar fashion to the rest of the franchise, dying was only the beginning of the adventure. Continue reading “Fate and Death and Rebirth”

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Since I’ve already shared this news on my other platforms, I should let my WordPress followers know I’m officially in Issue 8 of FIYAH. I blogged about the editing of my novelette, Saudade, over the course of a few posts here. I’ll likely make an e-book of them in the near future.

Writing a first draft the pessimist’s way

Editing the pessimist’s way

Finishing your draft the pessimist’s way

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me so far. We made it!

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Three-peat Hugo award winner N.K. Jemison spoke to Ezra Klein of Vox Media about her approach to worldbuilding. My crime, of course, is that I’ve never read Jemison before, and although I’d seen her name on Twitter for months, she never came to my attention until winning this year’s Best Novel award. Much like Ezra Klein during his latest podcast, I’ve come to admire her more than I thought possible. Continue reading “Worldbuilding”

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There are those who can listen to music, or watch television, or tune in to podcasts when they write. Normally, I’m not one of those people. I suck at multitasking and I’m easily distracted by anything louder than the button clicks coming from my keyboard. But when I need noise to drown out other noises, here’s what I listen to: Continue reading “My Playlist: August 2018”