While I cool off from the novella I’m working on, I’ve started work on another project that’s been floating in the ether. My friend Tom and I have talked about making a mini comic-zine for some time. Because I’m utterly absurd, my contribution will be FELONIOUS, ROBO-CAT GUARDIAN!, about a robot created to end the tyranny of Shrodinger, the kaiju cat. Continue reading “FELONIOUS, ROBO-CAT GUARDIAN!”

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Three-peat Hugo award winner N.K. Jemison spoke to Ezra Klein of Vox Media about her approach to worldbuilding. My crime, of course, is that I’ve never read Jemison before, and although I’d seen her name on Twitter for months, she never came to my attention until winning this year’s Best Novel award. Much like Ezra Klein during his latest podcast, I’ve come to admire her more than I thought possible. Continue reading “Worldbuilding”

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On July 31st, I submitted a short story to FIYAH Magazine, a speculative fiction online magazine for black writers. I wrote a 13,000 word story about a woman whose ship crashes to Earth. She enlists the help of a local boy to help collect money for her shuttle repairs, and the story follows how they survive in the lowlife backstreets of Seoul, Korea, while avoiding a bounty hunter. It’s the kind of story that someone like me would write, honestly and truly. I spent many weeks on that project trying to perfectly craft every single sentence into a masterpiece. But when my editor asked me if I was relieved to finally be finished, I told him that I’d never be satisfied with my work. Why is that? Continue reading “finishing your draft: the pessimist’s way”


Yesterday, I dragged my wife to the theatrical premiere of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, because I’m a nerd. She had no idea what the anime was about. The film barely explained the concept that underpins the franchise, which can easily discourage newbies from diving in. The question is, of course, was the film made for anyone but the true fans? Does it have to appeal to anyone else? Continue reading “the Fate of a franchise”

The internet’s a cool place, no doubt about it, especially if you’re a writer. Reading the work of other fledgling writers is inspiring: although it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a vast pond, its also refreshing to see others who aren’t any more successful than me, who are just getting their feet (or fins?) wet. People I can talk to, exchange ideas with. As much as I admire celebs on Twitter, those snippets of engagement aren’t worth a thing as far as developing my craft. The human connections, even mediated through machines, are the lifeblood–or power supply–of online writers. Continue reading “m is for marketing”