Tom, Kai and I (The Outfit) had our first meeting concerning our Untitled Visual Novel Project. I’m enjoying this chance to plan something collaborative. I’d like to treat this with all the gravity I treat projects in my professional life. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and accounting for all factors that usually derail creative endeavors involves a lot of deep thinking. Continue reading “Nuts and Bolts”

As my undergrad years came to a close, I found myself increasingly anxious about what life after college would entail. I knew few college educated people, and didn’t have the wherewithal to follow a career trajectory, although I resolved at some point to not pursue a Masters in Art History. The things I did have–a Bachelor of Arts, a senior thesis, and an anime blog–I didn’t know how to use beyond academia. I knew that I liked to learn, and I liked to write both creatively and scholastically. Where did that leave me? Continue reading “Project Otaku”

I went out to Long Island last weekend with my friend, Tom. We spent a couple nights in a tick-riddled home in the middle of Southold, where a bulldog next door kept rushing at us with friendly intent. The weather was sunny during the day, and mostly clear at night. We traveled to the local observatory, and I got to see Jupiter through a telescope for the first time. The purpose of our trip was a creative retreat, a respite from the business of lives that otherwise do not pause without intervention. Continue reading “Mid Year Jolt”


While I cool off from the novella I’m working on, I’ve started work on another project that’s been floating in the ether. My friend Tom and I have talked about making a mini comic-zine for some time. Because I’m utterly absurd, my contribution will be FELONIOUS, ROBO-CAT GUARDIAN!, about a robot created to end the tyranny of Shrodinger, the kaiju cat. Continue reading “FELONIOUS, ROBO-CAT GUARDIAN!”

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After finishing my short story for FIYAH Magazine, I admit that I’ve fallen into a slump. Writing’s a big investment of energy. I do it because I like to, and because I want to share my work. There’s no guarantee anyone will like what I’ve done. That’s depressing to think about, but its on my mind every time I’m typing, and it tempers some of what I write. For the next few projects I’ve been mulling through, I’m trying to ease the worries that come with writing by making outlines. Continue reading “Outlines: Why Bother?”

Cover art by Ejiwa Ebenebe aka @artofedge

Since I’ve already shared this news on my other platforms, I should let my WordPress followers know I’m officially in Issue 8 of FIYAH. I blogged about the editing of my novelette, Saudade, over the course of a few posts here. I’ll likely make an e-book of them in the near future.

Writing a first draft the pessimist’s way

Editing the pessimist’s way

Finishing your draft the pessimist’s way

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me so far. We made it!