Right after I graduated from Purchase College, I took to learning HTML 5 and CSS 3. I’d already been blogging for a year at that point, and knew I’d spend many more years interacting with online friends on my own sites, so I gave it a shot. Back then, Codecademy was free, and W3 Schools was already a wealth of information. Today, I find myself learning a new coding language for this visual novel.

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Despite what the title of this post suggests, I’ve been rather productive this year. Right now I’m writing a sequel to Saudade, the story published in FIYAH fall 2018. I’ll be the first person to tell you sequels are usually unnecessary, but as a writer, it’s sometimes easier to dive back into a world you know than one you don’t. The characters can grow, usually for the better but sometimes for worse. I can pick up on threads I touched on in the original novelette, but didn’t take time to flesh out. And maybe I just want to write something for the hell of it, a story I can enjoy. That’s good enough reason for me. Continue reading “Climbing out of the doldrums”

I went out to Long Island last weekend with my friend, Tom. We spent a couple nights in a tick-riddled home in the middle of Southold, where a bulldog next door kept rushing at us with friendly intent. The weather was sunny during the day, and mostly clear at night. We traveled to the local observatory, and I got to see Jupiter through a telescope for the first time. The purpose of our trip was a creative retreat, a respite from the business of lives that otherwise do not pause without intervention. Continue reading “Mid Year Jolt”

I wrote my first fiction story in second grade, as far as I remember. That year my siblings and I moved in with my father, to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He bought us a Nintendo 64, which came with the game Duke Nukem 64, an alien shoot-em-up that still haunts me to this day. My first story, as a result, involved an alien invasion, and probably featured me and my friends as we saved the world. I wrote that twenty years ago, and the ease with which I used to write stories like that has all but vanished. Logics temper my creativity now. I’m impatient. Satisfaction with my work is hard to come by. And routines, moreso than raw moments of inspiration, give me mastery of my craft. Continue reading “turning hobbies into habits”