Although the Myers-Briggs assessment has fallen out of favor for the Big 5, I’ve derived a lot of personal insight from knowing I’m an INTJ. In recent days I’ve found myself revisiting the nuances of my type in order to understand how I cope with stress. Continue reading “Energy”

I went out to Long Island last weekend with my friend, Tom. We spent a couple nights in a tick-riddled home in the middle of Southold, where a bulldog next door kept rushing at us with friendly intent. The weather was sunny during the day, and mostly clear at night. We traveled to the local observatory, and I got to see Jupiter through a telescope for the first time. The purpose of our trip was a creative retreat, a respite from the business of lives that otherwise do not pause without intervention. Continue reading “Mid Year Jolt”

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After finishing my short story for FIYAH Magazine, I admit that I’ve fallen into a slump. Writing’s a big investment of energy. I do it because I like to, and because I want to share my work. There’s no guarantee anyone will like what I’ve done. That’s depressing to think about, but its on my mind every time I’m typing, and it tempers some of what I write. For the next few projects I’ve been mulling through, I’m trying to ease the worries that come with writing by making outlines. Continue reading “Outlines: Why Bother?”

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So you’ve got momentum after completing your first draft. Good job! You’ve done what many have tried to do and failed. The fun part for you (because you’re a pessimist) will be the editing. Nothing’s more satisfying than confirming your biggest bias: you’re not a great writer–not yet, anyway. Continue reading “editing: the pessimist’s way”


If you’re like every other writer I know, you likely have dusty sketchpads or old Word docs full of stories and ideas. Once in a while, you go back to those ideas and say, “I really need to finish this before I die.” In my case, I’m resurrecting a short story for Fiyah Magazine, which has a July submission I’ve had my eye on. The problem, of course, is that my old story was garbage. How will I know when it’s good enough to share? Continue reading “writing a first draft: the pessimist’s way”