Below you’ll find links to my professional work and personal blogs.

“Saudade” –  FIYAH, Issue 8, Fall 2018


An original novelette and my first fiction publication. FIYAH is an anthology magazine for black speculative fiction.

From the FIYAH website:

“They’re an odd couple: Vida is a fugitive refugee, and Menino is a normal student on the run from his own demons. Can the pair figure out the secrets of Vida’s mystical family heirloom before they are ensnared by the forces hunting Vida down?”

Brooklyn College: Journey to Commencement 2017

I was commissioned by the college to write and co-direct a short film, where we follow five students in the days leading to graduation. The film was screened during the commencement ceremony at Barclays Center. (2013-2014)

Project Otaku was a website for anime news, listicles and reviews. The site is currently down but many of our articles still exist thanks to The Wayback Machine, though much of the original photos and HTML formatting is broken:

Establishing a Post-Human Identity Through Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell and Innocence Films (2013)

My undergraduate thesis earned Honorable Mention for the President’s Award for Excellence in Humanities at Purchase College. In it, I observe how Oshii uses Christian theology and cyborg technology to destabilize consciousness as a source of ontology. (2011-2014)

The Anime Guardians was my first major foray into blogging, and it allowed me to connect with thousands of like-minded fans in the community.