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One restless night, I logged into Netflix and began Fate/Extra Last Encore. I was so bemused by the show I thought I’d slept through important scenes, or assumed I’d dreamed up some of what I saw. Turns out I was awake: everyone dies in the first episode, which I thought I’d hallucinated, and in similar fashion to the rest of the franchise, dying was only the beginning of the adventure. Continue reading “Fate and Death and Rebirth”


Yesterday, I dragged my wife to the theatrical premiere of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, because I’m a nerd. She had no idea what the anime was about. The film barely explained the concept that underpins the franchise, which can easily discourage newbies from diving in. The question is, of course, was the film made for anyone but the true fans? Does it have to appeal to anyone else? Continue reading “the Fate of a franchise”