Writing speculative fiction while working at the gym.


My sci-fi novelette, “Saudade,” was published in FIYAH Literary Magazine in 2018. It received mention in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019, and was later republished in Lightspeed Magazine in 2021.

I currently work at FIYAH as their Sponsor Coordinator and Technical Assistant. Our staff won its first Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine in 2021.


I’m posting chapters of my Tenchi Muyo fan fiction to Archive of Our Own. I won’t tell you how to find it, so have fun conducting that treasure hunt.

Eventually I’ll complete this Saudade sequel. It’s real! There’s like three versions of it, though, so I’ll have to do some pruning.

Where to find me

I’ll be on Twitter @oldmannelson or email info@nelsonrolon.com. Email is best, since Twitter makes me depressed.