About Nelson

Nelson is a science fiction writer and content creator based in Columbus, Ohio. He is a lifelong learner, quickly adopting new technologies and approaches to push businesses forward.

Visual Narratives

A storyteller by trade, Nelson uses his background in video production to aid businesses in sharing their personal stories.

Brooklyn College, “Journey to Commencement

Toledo Museum of Art, “Plexus no. 35

Homeless and Travelers Aid Society, “Road to Reentry

A Passion for Prose

For Nelson, effective communication is foundational to his identity. Long form writing provides a space for him to engage with the world.

“This story has such a visual energy to it, creating a vaguely punky setting and then unleashing chaos into it in the form of Vida, who is a rather damaged but relentless character…”

Charles Payseur on “Saudade“, Quick Sips Review
Published in FIYAH Literary Magazine (2018), Lightspeed Magazine (TBD 2021)
Notable Mention in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019

FIYAH Literary Magazine

Technical Assistant, FIYAH Literary Magazine, (2021 – Present)

Editor in Chief, ProjectOtaku.com, (2013- 14)

Reviews Manager, GoBoiano.com (2012 – 13)

The Anime Guardians logo

Founder, Anime-Guardians.com (2011 – 14)

For projects and collaborations, email info@nelsonrolon.com