People are about stories.

A storyteller by trade, Nelson effectively communicates your story so that clients are satisfied and return for more. Through copy, digital video and fundraising, Nelson has worked with for-profit and nonprofit companies to achieve their development goals.


FIYAH Literary Magazine

Informing newsletter subscribers of developments, upcoming events, and submission deadlines. Resolving customer tickets for purchase of physical and online products.

Homeless and Travelers Aid Society

Developed $300,000 non-profit operation through staff training, networking with local businesses, and creation of marketing collateral and video for fundraising.

Grassroot Givers

Raised over $100,000 of monetary and in-kind donations through grant writing, event planning, letter campaigns, social media and cold calls.


Road to Reentry

Homeless and Travelers Aid Society

Five minute video on the personal journey of Dushawn Grant, who successfully transitioned out of the prison system, into supportive housing, found financial independence through HATAS.

Journey to Commencement

Brooklyn College

Five minute video following students from different academic departments. Their experiences are unique, but each person was enriched by their time at Brooklyn College.



Novelette about the adventures of Vida and Menino, who resort to busking and thievery so they can repair their shuttle and reach Mars. A bounty hunter pursues them, seeking to recover a gem that doesn’t belong to them.

Mentioned in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019.

FIYAH Literary Magazine (2018)
Lightspeed Magazine (2021)

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